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Tipping Your Cleaner


Do you tip your baristas, your servers, and your hairdressers, what about your house cleaners? And if you do tip, how much is appropriate? To better understand tipping and when it’s appropriate, let’s take a look at its history. Tipping for services as a routine practice has been around since the 18th century. Customers tip for a range of reasons and services. Some tip to show their affluence or out of a sense of duty, while others tip to show genuine gratitude and or their generosity. While tipping is the norm in certain service industries like restaurants and salons, tipping in other industries often comes down to personal preference. Tipping housekeepers employed by professional house cleaning companies is not something that is expected, but it has its place. For example, as paid employees of a residential cleaning service, professional house cleaners don't expect additional gratuity from customers, but they truly appreciate the kindness.

Do You Know How Much to Tip a House Cleaner?

Typical tip amounts for residential maid service are comparable to standard tip amounts in the restaurant business and other service industries, so 15 to 20 percent. If you use a house cleaning service regularly, a cash bonus or gift at the end of each year is a nice way to say, “Thank you,” whether you tip during the year or not. Still not sure how much to tip house cleaners? Call your service provider and ask what would be appropriate. You can also survey friends and neighbors who use cleaning services, or you could simply go with your instincts. Whatever amount you choose, always accompany your tip with a sincere thank-you note. If your house cleaning service uses a team-cleaning approach, it's fine to give a $10 to $15 tip to be shared. If the same team cleans your home each week, you might want to tip once a month. If your house cleaners change from week to week, stick with tipping each visit.

Do You Tip a Cleaning Service Every Time They Clean?

If you've been using a weekly cleaning service for a while and your cleaning team consistently does a good job, why not? If it's just not in the budget, that's one thing. But if you want to show appreciation for someone who helps better your life, by making your home a better place to live, you may want to do it! Presumably, you're happy with their work because you continue to use their services, so tipping gives you a welcome way to tell them.

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