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Pricing Guide

1. How much per hour should I charge for cleaning?


Below is the easiest pricing structure to use, but it can create fluctuations in costs based on how long it takes to clean the property. This works best if the client provides all the cleaning supplies and just needs someone to help. You might want to do this if a client wants specific eco-friendly or other specific cleaning supplies.

You’ll probably want to charge a higher first hour.

To calculate how much you want to charge, assume:

2. How to calculate cleaning cost per square foot pricing?

The price per square foot is straightforward to estimate. Given that almost every address is a public record, you can look it up to see how many square feet their house is. Then to charge by the square foot, multiply the square feet by 20 cents (or divide by five).

Example: A 1,400 square foot house can be calculated as:

1,400 x $.20 = $ 280 

1,400 / 5 = $280

You can make it more complicated and separate it by carpet and tile, where the carpet is 20 cents and tile is 25 (examples for easy math).

Example: 1,000 square feet carpet and 400 square feet tile

(1,000*$.2) + (400*.25) = $300

3. How much to charge for house cleaning per room?

Another easy way is to price by the room or by the fixture. 

  • 1 to 10 room pricing

  • Full restroom pricing

  • ½ restroom pricing

  • Add-ons like full window cleaning

Each has a specific price, so you can quickly estimate based on the number of rooms, restrooms, and add-ons.

4. How much do cleaning services charge?

Professional cleaners have plenty of sites to help evaluate the average house cleaning cost in their area. Many of the sites are the same sites

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