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Recurring Cleaning Options

Every home is different, which is why we offer several regular cleaning service options that fit your home's activity level and routines.

Weekly Cleaning Service

A lot can happen in seven days. For busy homes and big families, a visit from an experienced professional house cleaner is a must. Save valuable time by finding a day of the week that’s most convenient for us to visit. We’re flexible, too. If we need to adjust the appointment by a day or two, or even by a few hours, just let us know. Once-a-week cleaning is an excellent choice for most busy families.

Bi-weekly Cleaning Service

Every other week is a terrific way to get some extra hands to help with upkeep around the house. This is a very popular service that many of our customers opt for year-round. If you use our bi-weekly cleaning service and your situation changes or you realize you need us more often, no problem! We’ll be happy to adjust your cleaning service as needed.

Monthly Cleaning Service

Giving your home a thorough cleaning once a month is a great way to keep things from piling up Monthly cleaning is a great option for families that can handle the little things from week to week but need more help to tackle bigger cleaning tasks. It’s also a great way to address issues like allergens, bacteria, and dust buildup.

Count on Molly Maid to vacuum, dust, mop, and sanitize the busiest (and dirtiest!) areas of your home. We work with you to design a personalized cleaning plan to focus on the spaces that need the most attention, like cleaning the kitchen or scrubbing the tub.

Your Home, Your Schedule

As we mentioned, we’re flexible. When things come up, your family gets busy, and sometimes your schedule changes, Molly Maid is ready to help. Whether it’s moving your appointment back a couple of hours, skipping a week or two while you’re away, or an unforeseen event, you’re never locked in; or obligated by a contract. We’re here to make your life easier and less stressful.

Recurring Cleaning Services Near Me

Sometimes taking things like house cleaning off your schedule can give you more time to spend time with the people you care about. Schedule a regular cleaning service appointment and create time to do the things you care about most. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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